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    In 2012 and 2013, Islamist militants took over the northern Malian cities of Gao and Timbuktu. Imposing their own despotic version of religious Islamic law, the jihadists threatened to decimate the relics of Mali’s ancient past and suppress the lively spirit of its joyous communities. Women bore the brunt of this crackdown: they were forced to cover their brightly lit clothes with dark hijabs and face-covering burkas, and they were banned from work, school, or regular access to medical care. Many found ingenious ways to fight back: through small acts of defiance, and determined ingenuity, the women of Timbuktu stood up to the Islamists’ demands, and kept the unique spirit of their country alive.

    See more from Mali’s Resilient Women, by Katie Orlinsky

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  3. Commuters. #MYC #subway #intransit #vscocam

  4. Midday Ditmars-bound. #intransit #NYC #subway #vscocam

  5. Triborough Bridge as viewed from Astoria Ave. station. #intransit #nyc #vscocam

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    Limpopo References


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    Katlego Tlabela

    Limpopo, by Katlego Tlabela


  7. The woman in a denim jacket with lightly veined hands and a not-too-obviously dyed red sheen to her hair stands from her bench just a second before the Manhattan-bound N pulls into Broadway (Queens side). She crosses herself twice as she steps in front of the door. Her eyes were invisible to me and the other riders, and her prayers went unnoticed. A mariachi band replaces her on the other end if the subway car at 36th Avenue, but steps off after one stop.

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  9. 21st Street/Queensbridge station. #intransit #nyc # subway #vscocam

  10. Astoria bound.