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  2. I will probably have several thousand photos of these power plants by the end of today. #partylikeajournalist #SRinSA #vscocam

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  5. He’s been called the “Obama of Soweto” and the comparison isn’t without merit. Mmusi Maimane is a well-spoken intellectual with a background in one of South Africa’s best known townships. He is seemingly just as comfortable on a well-lit stage in front of potential big-dollar donors as he is on a dusty field in Tsakane. Out of the public eye, he continues to be thoughtful and forward, albeit a little looser in his posture.

    When asked about the Obama comparison, he told me (paraphrasing) that there are certainly worse people to be compared to.

    Maimane is running for Gauteng Premier. If he wins, it will be a major hit to the governing ANC party, and a huge win for the opposition DA. Beyond all that, I suspect it could signal a significant change in South African politics, with more attention and crdence being given to individual’s who can engage with voters on a very personal level. Call me crazy, but it’s possible South Africa will see a swarm of Obama-esque politicians in years to come.

    Who knows: that may just be a very good thing.

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  8. Big skies and stop signs. Mankweng, Limpopo.

  9. N1 north, road to Polokwane. #SRinSA

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  10. Cloyne Is Dead. Long live Cloyne.

    My main college residence, a 150-person cooperative house called Cloyne Court Hotel and Casino, will be purged of all current residents, following a slow-moving shit storm. There are fairly straightforward articles on The San Francisco Chronicle and The Daily Californian. What follows is a post I made to the house’s closed Facebook group. It’s personal opinion, not really edited, and heavily laced with inside jokes. Still, it’s on my mind, and I guess that’s what a blog is for.

    Within my first few weeks at Cloyne we had made international news after several members were hospitalized for being too high. A week later a guest died in one of the rooms. Cloyne had already been on unsteady footing due to our consistently poor relationship with the Goldman School of Public Policy. These things didn’t help.

    I lived in Cloyne for about three years. I was a short term board member, president, social manager and the naked dish run guy. I helped plan the retrofit and I was arrested for preventing police from entering the house during a Halloween party. I was never the craziest person at Cloyne. I was, in fact, a pretty big advocate of trying to maintain some semblance of order. I was kind of a dick a lot of the time. I also helped throw a pretty massive rave.

    Bad things happen at Cloyne and good things happen at Cloyne. In my memory, Cloyne has never NOT been in danger of being shut down. Like pretty much everyone else in this group, I can say that horrible fire hazard of a home had a lot to do with the person I am today. It was an important time in my life, but I’m so damn glad it’s over.

    So the word on the street is that Cloyne is being purged. I’m sorry to hear it. I’m not going to debate the efficacy of this move or the validity of the process that led up to it. I’m sorry for the members who will have their experiences cut short. But here’s the thing: Cloyne will still be there.

    There’s been a lot of talk in this group about the house losing its culture with a purge. But the thing is, Cloyne never had a culture. The closest thing to a theme that Cloyne has ever really had is “suck.” “Aerial superiority” comes in a close second.

    Cloyne has always been a fucked up amalgamation of the sociopaths who live there. I understand that this isn’t going to be an organic change from within the house, and that’s a big part of what people object to. And it’s just shitty for people who are losing their house.

    But Cloyne will change and then it will change again. New murals will be painted, although I can’t really fathom not seeing Guernica in the stairwell and the Wild Things in the hall. But new ones will go up and they’ll get painted over and tagged and someone may punch a hole in one. And some history will be rewritten and some will reemerge and it will be the house of the people who live there. It will not be sterile, because you can’t have a 150 person co-op of college students without it being a bit of a mess. It will be weird. It will be suck. It may or may not have feelings impending doom.

    This may seem like bullshit if you live there and you’re still angry. You lost. That sucks. And right now you’re still in the middle of it. But for those of us looking back … I can’t be the only one who recognizes that as shitty as this all is, Cloyne will persevere. The house that’s being purged bears about as much resemblance to the one I left as it does to a “substance-free” house. It’ll change. Do you really think that house is going to stay drug free?

    It’s a sad day, and mourning is in order. I’d say break a bottle on the bottle breaking wall, but I think people may have finally stopped doing that. Also, it’s really shitty to clean up after.

    I’m sorry to hear this is happening, and my heart goes out to the residents. Welcome to the club of Old Clones.

    Yes, you lost. We lost. Cloyne is dead. Long live Cloyne.