1. Airtrain, JFK-bound.

  2. Azrael and tripod. #vscocam

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  3. A little shameless self-promotion, here. My piece for the Guardian: on the Gay Games and the athletes who travel from across the world to spend a week in Ohio.


  4. 4 Days Later

    It occurs to me now, upon reading a friend’s posting that he is three years cancer free, that I missed a rather important date of my own.

    10 years. Cheers to living.


  5. montalvod:

    PHOTO: Mitchell Trinka’s more than 90 staples that held together his abdomen after coming out of surgery on Aug. 15, 2011.

    This is a guest post from Mitchell Trinka, a fellow 2010 CUNY Graduate School of Journalism alumni who was diagnosed with cancer on June 20, 2011. He currently…

    A good friend is three years in remission today. Here’s to surviving.

  6. What is a cowboy?

  7. Scenes from Ohio’s first gay rodeo, organized by the International Gay Rodeo Association in conjunction with the 2014 Gay Games.


  8. En route to Cleveland

    As the entirety of the flight hastily stands in motionless silence in the aisle, after a tarmac wait that nearly matched the flight time of our short LGA to PHL hop, the captain comes on over the intercom to announce that jetway operator (the guy who controls the tunnel that takes you from plane to terminal) is missing. Leaning against the bulkhead doorframe behind me, the flight attendant says, with the tone of experience, “Welcome to Philadelphia, people.”

  9. Roosevelt Ave commuters.

  10. Morning flower.