1. N train, sunset.

  2. Sunset, N train. #NYC #intransit #vscocam

  3. Dream land.


  4. Observation in radiology


    The old man in the Radiology waiting room, with the sagging jowls and 3-day, snow-white stubble that make him look like a combat veteran from something between WWII and Vietnam (but maybe that’s the khaki pants and worn, white sneakers), wearing a black baseball cap with loopy, sans-serif font reading “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”

    His watery eyes drift up to the check-in desk, looking towards the ever-cranky reception staff but actually more into the middle-distance, before sinking back down to his college-ruled, yellow cardboard notebook, where he diligently scrawls out old memories or secret messages or maybe he’s just doing a crossword. Or maybe he’s like me - I’m like him - and he’s jotting down overly descriptive prose of the other people in the Mt. Sinai waiting room at 7:52 in the morning, picking apart the details of their outward experiences but really seeing nothing of their secret lives.

  5. Zoo day with @ainepennello. #vscocam

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  6. Arrival, JFK. #intransit #vscocam

  7. Fence, Melville #vscocam #latergram


  8. noondaytune:

    Sugar Man - Sonny Knight and the Lakers

    A sweetly funked-up cover of “Sugar Man”, originally by, uh, you know who. This is from the recent (April) release, I’m Still Here, by 66-year-old Knight - who released his first disc in 1965. His story is a little reminiscent of Rodriguez’. He also had to turn to manual labour when his music opportunities dried up in the 80s. But you can’t keep a good muso down.

    Contributed by @ChrisRoper.


  9. Just on the heels of the 5-month long AMCU strike, the Numsa metalworkers union began a work stoppage today, demanding a double-digit wage increase.

    Shot for Reuters.

  10. pjszalay:

    Photos from my current project about low income housing in Johannesburg.